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Would you buy a used car from these people?

We do what we can to protect ourselves and our clients from spam; all the sites we host have SpamAssassin software, and we take care not to publish e-mail addresses in a form in which they are easily recognised by spammers. But spammers are ingenious people – fortunately they sometimes use their ingenuity in unproductive ways. Roger recently produced this list of false names used by the senders of e-mails which had been trapped by one client’s spam filter:

Reconciling V. Mariachi
Courtrooms F. Perspire
Leukemia F. Stumpier
Wardroom V. Neat
Mooting S. Perry
Trustiest L. Narrower
Muscatel J. Brontosaurus
Childbearing V. Svengali
Celtic H. Marxisms
Signed Q. Shadows
Hop H. Woodpeckers
Intemperate O. Easterly
Rifling E. Bethe
Intimated R. Tilled
Blemished U. Bethought
Arena A. Agglutinating
Awl R. Sequoya
Electromagnet M. Vats
Sucker D. Sorrel
Radioisotope H. Mowgli
Disparates G. Mousey
Unwariest C. Assad
Remainder V. Violent
Speckle T. Sprite
Modicum B. Powder
Kaleidoscope S. Disconnections
Kerry R. Reappointment
Bobwhites H. Doorbells
Extenuation K. Flushing
Garrisons U. Haphazard
Bombshell O. Norberto
Nonobjective L. Enumerable

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