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Why Cornwell Internet needs a blog

As long ago as 2002, we started inviting clients to consider blogging, keeping an on-line diary, as one of the features they might want on their web site (we even wrote a Spotlight article on the subject). And I’ve been keeping a personal blog at Livejournal for very nearly two years.

So what made us decide now that we need a company blog?

Ten days ago, over breakfast, Roger read me from the Guardian about the discovery of a coin showing the profile of Cleopatra. “You realise,” he said, “that the coin belonged to a client of ours – ‘an unknown member of the Society of Antiquaries‘, it says here.”

“If we had a blog, I’d blog that,” I said.

The more I thought about that, the more sense it made. Our clients do all sorts of interesting things, and often have pieces of news we’d like to share. And Roger frequently e-mails me technical advice, or we send each other funny things we’ve come across while looking for something else.

That’s what we’ll be posting here.

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