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Being small can mean you’re more manoeuvrable, too. A week ago, we came home from a Friday afternoon out to find a message on the answering machine from Anne Fine: she and some colleagues were about to launch a campaign against "age banding" of children’s books (Philip Pullman explains here what the campaign is about), and urgently needed – at least – an e-mail address to which people could send messages of support.

A phone call later, Cornwell Internet was on the case: and by Monday, not only were those messages flooding in, the campaign’s policy statement and a list of supporters were available for everyone to read at

We can’t promise this sort of speed every time: not only is NoToAgeBanding built on a very simple design, we were lucky that we had time in hand to deal with it. And some credit for this should go to the Crime Writers’ Association: the shortlists for their Dagger Awards for the year’s best crime writing were announced on Tuesday 3rd June. This could have meant that we’d be tied up for a couple of days beforehand, preparing to upload the information to their site as soon as it was public – but in fact our contacts at the CWA were so efficient that we were ready well in advance, and publishing the pages we had prepared was a small job.

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