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A safe choice hovirunoilijan office

I love Google’s automatic translation service: it reassures me that human translators are not yet threatened by competition from computers. I’m currently updating and expanding the section of Anne Fine’s web site where we try to keep track of foreign editions of her books, and since I have a copy of Aamu Ilman Äittiä – that’s Press Play in Finnish – I was trying to track down other books in the same language. Instead I found a newspaper article (from Turun Sanamat, in 1999) which intrigued me enough for me to accept Google’s kind offer, and read their translation. Which read, under the headline quoted above:

Britain entered the public, according to the highest poetry kunniavirkaan “poet laureate” selected poet Andrew Motion). 47-year old Oxford educated received a Motion is a traditional representative of poetry, and he has been one of ennakkosuosikeista. Officially, poet laureate appointed by Queen Elizabeth Prime Minister Tony Blair’s recommendation.

1600-in the early to mid established by lifelong hovirunoilijan office belongs to an annual nominal around 900 marks, as well as the pay box of wine. Poet laureate is expected to write poems nationally important events, such as the Royal häihin or funerals.

The election was pettymyskin
Previous poet laureate had died in the autumn of Ted Hughes, whose last book’s Birthday Letters (Syntymäpäiväkirjeitä)) sales have risen to record figures. Hughes reportedly had Motion production, which picks out seven runoteosta, two novels, as well as the poet Philip Larkinin a biography.

Motion selection has been a disappointment to many, who considered the second ennakkosuosikkia, Carol Ann Duffy prefers the poet. Press reports claim that he is not wanted the post because he is gay and unwilling to write to the royal family.

A safe choice is a disappointment even to those kirjallisuuspiireille, who have called poet laureate of “a thorough overhaul. Poet laureate has been made to amend the palkalliseksi posts, which serve more ordinary citizens.

The children’s own poet
The children have already benefited from the oman hovirunoilijansa, when the last week, was designated as the first children’s laureate, Quentin Blake. He received a celebratory occasion, Princess Anne’s ojentamana 10 000 pounds, or around 90 000 markka and the premium for the honour of the titteliä two years.

Children’s poet laureate chosen noted lastenkirjailija or illustrator and Blake have both. He has illustrated more than 100 books, mm. many of Roald Dahl books.

Blaken the selection of paneliin belonged to children, a librarian, publisher, critic, the bookseller, as well as radiotoimittaja. Two other finishing straight into the author was Peter Dickinson, and Anne Fine.

So now we know…

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