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Ancient and modern

You wouldn’t expect working in what I still think of as "New Technology" to lead you into making connections with museums, antiquities, archaeology: and yet…

I didn’t mention, when I wrote recently about hearing Maureen Almond read her poetry, that her book, Recollections, has a double relevance for Cornwell Internet; not only is it published by our client Flambard Press, it is inspired by items from the Museum of Antiquities (now in the process of moving to the Great North Museum), a joint museum of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne.

We dined this weekend with the editor of the Society’s News Bulletin who told us she had just been to London for the press preview of the British Museum’s Hadrian exhibition. "Of course I’ll be writing about it for the newsletter," she said. "After all, we’ve loaned the BM some of the exhibition’s key items…"

Quite apart from that, she gave the exhibition a very favourable review.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in London, the Wellcome Collection has an exhibition of skeletons from the Museum of London. Maybe I’m just squeamish, but I’m not entirely comfortable with the practice of exhuming skeletons and putting them on display. Nonetheless, I was interested to see from the Guardian‘s gallery of photographs from the exhibition that Ann Cleeves is not exaggerating when she describes long-buried bones as "red" – which is why she has called the third volume of her Shetland Quartet Red Bones.

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