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Science and art

This morning’s Guardian has a centre spread of images from this year’s Wellcome Image Awards (formerly the Biomedical Image Awards). This may sound gruesome and unattractive (the winning image shows a mouse embryo, using a new technique to colour individual organs without having to cut sections; another shows meningitis bacteria), but in fact all the images are fascinating, and some are very beautiful. The liquid crystal seen through polarised light would make a lovely cotton print for a summer dress; a single breast cancer cell looks like an alien space ship from a superior science fiction novel. But my favourite (and a “special winner”shows Crystals of oxidised Vitamin C like golden suns and sea creatures stored in a collector’s cabinet.

The images will be on display in the Wellcome Collection Atrium, Euston Road, London, until the summer.

Which coincides very neatly with Cornwell Internet’s current piece of work in progress, a web site for a Wellcome Trust funded project by artist Susan Aldworth, writer Valerie Laws and sculptor Eleanor Crook. The This Fatal Subject site is still in its early stages, but the artists involved are blogging the project as it develops.

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