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What’s Sergey reading?

At 6:15pm local time on 28th July 1998, the 24-year-old Sergey Brin uploaded a list of his favourite books to his personal webspace on the Stamford University server. Quite how a man whose 25th birthday was about four weeks off had been able to accumulate 15,257 favourite books is a bit of a mystery. That’s an average of around two a day since the age of five, plus of course all the rubbish that didn’t make the cut into the list of favourite books.

Whether Sergey has managed to add to his list of favourites since 1998 is not revealed. Six weeks later, with Larry Page, he founded Google and the rest, as they say, is history.

But, as web designers for a range of authors, we have a soft spot for this list, because a number of our clients are listed there. The first one we became aware of was Chaz Brenchley‘s Shelter. Anne Fine has two books: Flour Babies and The Killjoy. The Murder Squad‘s John Baker makes it into the list with Poet in the Gutter; Martin Edwards with Perfectly Criminal, the anthology he edited for the Crime Writers Association. And finally, Dinah Lampitt (Deryn Lake) and As Shadows Haunting.

A list as varied as the tastes of the young Sergey Brin and, of course, our clients.

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