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The internet is another country; they do things differently there.

It’s sometimes difficult to persuade designers (whose graphic design skills may well be far in advance of my own) that those skills may need to be adapted for use on the internet.

Yet there’s no shame in not knowing something; the shame is in being unwilling to learn. I was looking this morning at Todd Klein’s blog. Todd Klein is at the top of his field, which is lettering comics. If you’ve read Sandman, or any of the ABC imprint, you’ve seen his work, and he has won the Eisner award (the comics’ Oscar) in twelve of the past thirteen years.

And he wrote in his blog:

Several people viewing my site have pointed out to me that the lettering in the balloons and on the tabs at the top of most pages appears "jaggy." As soon as it was pointed out, I knew they were right, and soon after I figured out why it hadn’t occurred to me sooner that this wouldn’t look very good, even though I’ve been staring at the evidence for months.

And he goes on to explain the problem (which was purely one of applying print techniques to web graphics), to thank the people who pointed it out, and to promise to put it right. The blog entry ends: "And if you notice any other design goofs, please let me know"

That’s what I call style!

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