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A new scam

We had a phone call yesterday from a friend – not a client, because although he runs his own business, he does not yet have a web site; that’s part of the story. He had been telephoned by a woman claiming to be from an organisation called "the Internet Verification Agency", or something along those lines. There was a new piece of legislation, she told him, which meant that if someone tried to register a domain with the name of your business, you had the right to get in before them. And someone had just tried to register the name of his company, so he had two hours to register it first. Fortunately, she could do this for him, and she recommended registering for five years at £30 per year. And why not also register the .com domain at the same time? And .net, .info… Needless to say, there is no such legislation, there is no point in registering every possible variant of your chosen domain, and £30 per year is well above the going rate.

We suggested our friend contact the Trading Standards Service.

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