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It’s a fine bright day, and in theory Cornwell Internet are off to the seaside – specifically, to Whitby, to see my brother and sister-in-law who are there for Folk Week.

In practice, of course, something has come up. We have heard from several clients who use BT / Yahoo! as their Internet Service Provider that e-mail forwarded from their own domain is not getting through to them.

Roger spent much of yesterday trying to sort this out. The problem is not at this end, but, we think, with Yahoo! – but we can hardly expect people to do without e-mail while we put pressure on them to sort it out. So in the meanwhile, he is setting up some arrangements to work around it.

If this applies to you – that is, if Cornwell Internet provides you with mail forwarding (e-mail to you@yourdomain which you find in the same inbox as mail addressed to your BT / Yahoo! address) and you notice that mail is not reaching you – please let Roger know about it.

We are still planning to be out for most of the day, but he will do what he can!

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