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PayPal problems

We have discovered that PayPal have updated their code and have introduced an error which could inconvenience people who use PayPal to collect credit card payments for things they have sold. This post tells you how to work around it until PayPal correct the fault.

The problem is this: until 11 November, the payment notification emails that were sent to the merchant by PayPal whenever a customer bought something from them would say what they had bought. They currently do not give this information. In order to find out what you have sold, you now have to log on to your merchant account on the PayPal web site to find out.

PayPal have (at least in the developer forums) acknowledged that this is an issue and say “We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.” Obviously we regret this state of affairs but the solution is out of our control. I have tried to raise the issue in the specialist media in the hope that a little publicity might concentrate PayPal’s minds on this one.

I will keep you posted with developments.

Update: later that evening. The problem has now been resolved.

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