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Number 1 on Google

I like to keep an eye on the bandwidth usage of our clients’ websites, to try to head off potential problems should they look like running out of bandwidth. So when this morning I noticed that the Diamond Twig website was over twice as busy as it usually is, I decided to investigate. By using the stats package I noticed that one file, iwd.php, was getting all the hits. Then I realised: iwd = International Womens’ Day = 8 March = today.

Eleven years ago Diamond Twig published a set of six postcards, each with a poem for International Womens’ Day. When we set up the website in July 2000, I created a page which displayed a random postcard from the set. And now, if you Google international womens’ day poems and ask for only pages from the UK, this page is top. How come?

Well, probably a combination of things: the text mentions International Womens’ Day very prominently, and the page has been around for a long time. Still, to be number 1 out of 115,000 is an achievement which we’re proud of. And it explains why every year, when International Womens’ Day comes around, women head for the Diamond Twig Website to read a poem or six.

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