Smoked Salmon Parcels with a Strawberry-dressed Salad

slices of good cold-smoked salmon
two fillets of hot-smoked trout
500g full-fat cream cheese

salad leaves

a punnet of strawberries
walnut oil
raspberry vinegar
ground ginger
ground coriander

cherry tomatoes
dried pink & green peppercorns

Smoked Salmon Parcels with a Strawberry-dressed Salad - pink food!

Beat the cheese with a little milk to loosen it, then flake in the trout. Add salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, perhaps a knife-tip of cayenne, and beat all together. Taste, and play with seasonings until perfect.

Cut the chives into long strings (or if they're short, shred them and plait them). Cut the smoked salmon into strips. Lay two chives crosswise, two strips of smoked salmon atop; put a generous spoonful of the filling-mixture at the centre and fold the topmost strip of salmon up and over, then the other, to make a square-ish parcel. Tie it all together with the chive-strings, and repeat. Slightly less fussy is to line a demi-tasse with salmon, fill it with mixture, fold the salmon-ends over and then unmould the cup onto a plate, without need or benefit of chive-strings; less fussy yet, just roll mixture up in strips of salmon and leave it at that.

Hull the strawberries, put them in a blender and whizz with three tablespoons of oil, one of vinegar, and the spices until you have a thick pink dressing. Taste, and adjust to taste - more oil for an unctuous dressing, more vinegar for a sharp one, whatever.

Arrange parcels on a plate with salad leaves and halved cherry tomatoes, pour dressing on and around, scatter with ground pretty peppercorns and serve. Food at its pinkest, without benefit of artificial colour...

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